Feb 262016


Far from Philly…A Genuine Cheese Steak!

EUREKA, 3050 Broadway
ARCATA, 18th
Open 7 Days a Week

Ay Yo! Visit the Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe and experience the world famous comfort foods that originated from the birthplace of America — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the Philly Cheese Steak Shoppe, they import key ingredients direct from Philly to make your cheese steak sandwich truly authentic and delicious. Choose from an extensive menu of traditional and speciality cheese steaks, deli hoagie subs and fresh, organic salads. They even have sandwiches made with chicken or soy!

Be sure to try the hand-tossed garlic fries or awesome chili cheese fries. They feature homemade sides like Pennsylvania Dutch Coleslaw too! Finish your meal with a Tastykake dessert (from Philly, of course!).

The shoppes are jam-packed with fun facts, memorabilia and history about “The City of Brotherly Love.” Stop in for a visit today, and enjoy the best sandwiches in the West served up in a Phun, Phamily, Philly atmosphere.

Meaty… Cheesy… Goodness!!